REALLY?!?! Another girl starting a blog? Surprise, surprise…


I know… There are a million and 27 blogs to choose from these days, but I do believe we all have something different to offer. Mine will simply be stories or streams of thought. So far, streams of thought are winning this battle. I digress… Here we are. WELCOME! It has taken me about 12 years -since my xanga shut down XD- to write another blog post. I am slightly less emo and way more weird (buckle up).






Why? Why write now? (lol) Simply put, I now have a better understanding of who I am, what I have been through, and where I hope to go. I have learned a lot and would love to share some of my truth with other people who may need someone to just tell them “it’s okay”. I do not expect a lot of attention from this, nor do i really care to have it, (in my poor attempt to sound like Forrest Gump) I just felt like writing.






In 2007 I had my thyroid removed. 2012 I packed up and headed to Chattanooga. 2014 I landed in Austin. 2016 I came back to West Monroe, LA. Those are life events that I am sure to reference often.

I am a musician, writer, hairstylist, make up artist, photographer, autoimmune disease owner, dreamer, lover…

I enjoy the company of my small circle, spending time with family, petting dogs, entertaining tiny humans, listening to music, watching movies/tv shows, being outside, and trying to enjoy whatever amount of time I have left on this planet.


My next post will have more depth and subject matter. This was the obligatory “get to know me” post. I will be accepting suggestions for topics and will gladly answer any questions sent my way (within reason). Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at awakenempathy@gmail.com. Bare with me as I try to navigate these new waters of baring my soul on social media. I am sure my format will change as I figure this out more. Thank you for reading this and I hope you are well, wherever you are.

Peace and love,


p.s. I will also be featuring a Song Of the Blog (SOB) each post. If you have any new or old artist that has touched you emotionally or just djents too good, SEND TO ME!


Darlin’ – Goodbye June

I got the pleasure of seeing these guys live last year and my amazing friend snapped these shots! RJ Ojeda

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Photo Cred for my pictures: unveiledradiancephotography)

6 thoughts on “WHY THOUGH?!?

  1. This is so exciting! I hope getting your thoughts down in print gives courage, inspires, brings humor or whatever the person reading it at the time needs. Love you!! #inowknowablogger


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