Hypocrisy in action

Due to social media being a huge part of our society, people tend to use it as a platform to stand on so they can be seen. It gives the attention they seek without them having to come right out and ask for it. I get it, you’re lonely, you feel mistreated, the world hates you…. please post it on facebook so that when someone ask you if you’re okay you can tell them to PM you, everything’s fine, or you don’t want to talk about it.


attention seeking



After talking to several people, we came up with a few scenarios that are generally accepted/expected to blast your personal life on SM. If you are in a public platform position and there is a change or issue you need to address (moving locations for work, quitting a band, switching branding, a preacher stepping down, a politician addressing a scandal), then social media can definitely be your friend and best means of blasting as many followers as possible. Change is going to happen and it is perfectly fine to give clarification about how things you used to post about a lot or have been associated with are no longer in your life, BUT for your sake, if there is any drama involved, keep it to yourself. You’ll just come off as an attention seeking blabber mouth. Keep your drama for your circle (see previous post: Circles and words).


Other instances in which we expect to see post about personal information would be a death in the family, medical updates, and in some cases to address divorce or separation. My generation does not look through the obituary as much, so sadly, facebook has been a source to find out about a friends passing. Sharing funeral arrangements is actually appreciated. I know I hate to bother families during their time of loss, so having the option to leave a few kind words on a social media post to which they do not necessarily have to reply is always helpful. Medical updates via social media is in that same category. I hate to always bother people with constant questions. Having them address a large group of people with an update on a loved ones situation gives me the liberty so show interest for that person, and let it be on their terms. As for the divorce/separation aspect,  I have mad respect for people who can address these issues with tact and class and not demonize the other party. If you want to drag the other person through the mud on your way out the door, then please, leave it off of social media. We know, he was a cheater and she was a slut, but they have families and most of the time, those people already know and are embarrassed enough. It’s so hard to not be petty (and it’s a fun train to ride at the time), but you’ll feel better about yourself and come out with more self respect in the end.


So to wrap this section up, it is okay and normal to post parts of your personal life on social media, let’s just keep the class. It’s okay to be assertive with your post, but letting your aggression out is not cool.  We understand life is hard and sometimes we need extra love and support. I’ve had to post several times asking for prayers and positives vibes sent my way. Let’s all support one another and uplift our loved ones fighting battles. We can do this, fellow humans!





Here. We. Go.  I think everyone’s main issue is that we all fall victim to the attention seeker’s post. If you actually care about the person, you don’t want to hide all of their stuff. A facebook post is out there for the world to see, a blog is a link you have to choose to read. We would rather have the choice to read or not read. I personally have days where all I see is negativity on my news feed. I recently have turned my FB notifications off and only check it when I get bored. This has been so refreshing. Who would have thought, limit the negative stuff you see and you’ll be happier. I think I speak for all of Merica when I say, “FB should just be for memes and animal videos”.cute animal We need more positive posting. With all of that being said, when should you not share. I would say before posting anything on social media, take a second to pause and review. Is this helping or hurting? Is this needed? Do I firmly believe this needs to be shared with the world? Anything that is bashing, belittling, or emotionally driven should not be posted.


If you make a post with the intention of tearing others down, you are the worst kind of people. Just stop. Save the drama for ya mama. In a world where life isn’t fair and everyone has their own skeletons in their closet, can we not just look past the small offenses and embrace the “live and let live” mentality? Intentionally setting out to hurt and berate another human is not okay. I think it derives from bitterness and wounds that we keep open. We all get hurt sometimes, process, heal, and move on.

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”– Steve Maraboli


I hope this hasn’t set offense in your heart (if so, maybe you should read it again). Ultimately, I have had one too many conversations about other’s FB post and I’m SICK OF IT!!!!!!!! This is an epidemic and needs to stop. Victim mentality is only fed by the coddlers. Can we encourage people to be more positive and keep their drama off of social media. It’s okay to be opinionated, but when you choose to be controversial for the sake of being controversial, I challenge there is a deep rooted issue that makes you that way. We as humans will never be on the same page as everyone else. That’s cool. That’s what keeps life interesting. We can be interesting and be nice about it. Let’s love better. Laugh longer. Breath deeper. This life is too short to sweat the small stuff.


SOB: James Bay- Let it Go

I discovered this guy a few years ago and fell in love. Enjoy this ironically fitting song.


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