Write it all out…

Jumping right in… I started this blog for myself. Its intensions were to be a safe place for me to write, process, and heal. I have never cared if 1 person or 100 people read what I had to say, it is simply out there and available. That being said, I have had a great response to my writings and wanted to share this platform to offer view points from other people in various walks of life. I have asked a handful of humans I trust to share some of their soul with us. I believe we have so much to learn from one another and hearing how other people handle situations/view the world/relate to us can offer a sense of comfort that we are all fragile yet strong.


Here is my first guest writer. They wished to remain anonymous. This person is going to share a little of their heart about their own experience with anxiety.



Guest Writer: Anonymous

Maybe if I write it all out…


“Tell me you love me. I need someone. On days like this, I do.”

Fact: Anxiety is all consuming some days and makes you feel so much to the point that you don’t even know why you’re feeling it anymore but you just.can’t.shake.itLet me preface this by saying, anxiety is something I am working through, it is not who I am and I refuse to let it continue to define me to myself.


It gets particularly bad when you feel like everything and everyone in your life is watching and judging you, forgetting you, your heart, and the friendship you gave. Doubting seriously how others feel about you. When the overwhelming insecurity takes over, it is draining. However, as painful and exhausting as anxiety can be and is, she’s also a pretty good teacher. Learning how to cope, how to accept that sometimes things are just going to be as they are, taking life a little slower and finding happiness in little things to bring you out of that spell. As most people with anxiety know, it often feels like a dark cloud hanging over you and you can’t seem to see past it. Some days it takes a lot to even express how you feel and some days you don’t even know where to begin.


We’ve all been here. We all struggle with our own demons, but with great anxiety, comes great vulnerability. I’ve found that being extremely honest with myself helps me be honest with others in those moments. It stops me in my tracks to know how many of us go through the same things, the same fears and thoughts, the same feelings, and yet we would rather hold onto them and let them fester because we’re more scared to talk about them. Why? When we’re made to love each other and be the shoulder for one another. Trust me, I get it. I’ve been burned so many times, sometimes by the same people over and over.


Find your person. Find your confidant. We’re all only human.We weren’t made to do this alone.


“Sometimes, the key to making progress is to recognize how to take that very first step. Then you start to take your journey.”


Song of the blog: Civil Twilight – Human.  This song has been so special to me for years now. I feel like this accompanies my guest writer’s words so beautifully.


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