Don’t forget to run…

As a millennial, I hear so many of my peers and their friends talk about “DREAM BIG”. It’s become a mantra of a generation. I can not help but to wonder how shallow are our dreams? How much do we believe in dreaming? Is it just a cute phrase to you or a lifestyle? Dreaming is not for the faint of heart. It can take your breath away from positives and negatives. We can carry around our little notebooks with our cute quotes on them or we can actually follow through and do something. I guess what I am getting at is…. ARE YOU ALSO CHASING? 


That’s right! You actually have to put forth work on your dreams. You have to sacrifice the Taco Bell (not a sponsor) runs, the Mean Bean (also not a sponsor) grabs, the Waffle House (I mean, maybe I should own one?) nights and save sometimes. What good is dreaming if it stops there? One of my favorite quotes is by T.E. Lawrence




How challenging is that? (Also… this was one bad mamajama of a dude.) I have to not only dream but take action on them? How ludicrous.

In pursuit of my dreams, I have had to sacrifice normal. I had to sacrifice being in relationships, being a wife, being a mother, spending time with loved ones, and making good money. I’ve sacrificed a life of consistency for a life of travel and adventure. I do not regret my decisions!!!! I was made with a dreamers heart and I have faith that my journey is the path I was meant to take. IT IS NOT OVER!!!! Some days I wonder why I couldn’t be happy with the husband, 2.5 kids, and white picket fence dream and I am jealous of friends and family over this at times, but it just is not who I am. I realize this. This is not to belittle those whose lives sound like the above, but to encourage those like me who are constantly criticized for going against the grain. It’s okay to do what’s not expected of you. You don’t have to settle just because people want you to.


Dreaming is scary. Chasing the unknown in hopes of a promise is one of the greatest leaps of faith you can take. Packing your life up and moving to a new city, or quitting your job and starting your own business, whatever your dreaming looks like, is not easy. Even so, do not give up!!! What a beautiful thing to look back in life and say, “I did it”. Whether it turns out how you expected or not, enjoy the journey and run hard after the wild things!


SOB: Thrice – Sea Change.  Okay, this band has been one of my tops for years… YEARS!!!


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