Insta Lies

Social media. The biggest game of truth or lie in our generation. We all want to pretend that everything’s perfect in our lives 24/7, but we all know it’s a lie because at the end of the day we are all human. Instafame comes with a price… the constant need to post for your followers, the trying to keep up with the latest fad, and always having to perform. I feel sorry for those people… just thinking about their lives gives me anxiety. Below is an anonymous writer who wanted to share a little BTS look into their lives.


To the untrained eye, it looks like I’m living my best life. I own my own house, my career has taken off, I get to travel often and I’m loving every minute of it… or at least thats what I tell you on social media. Instagram is a tricky place where I can post a cheeky picture of my feet in a bubble bath, not showing the mascara filled tears running down my cheeks. Or post a poolside cocktail without showing that I haven’t had human interaction in days and am drowning in a pit of loneliness. The perfectly curated picture of my “home cooked” meal with a glass of wine that insinuates that, on top of working hundreds of hours, I am able to cook a meal, is a cropped picture of a counter top that is overflowing with months of mail that I haven’t had the energy to look at.

Living with depression while you’re at your “prime” is a tricky thing. Half of you is screaming to take break because you’re so freaking tired all the time, while the other half threatens that if you slow down you’re going to lose everything.

Living with depression while you work in a creative field is equally as tricky because medication makes my brain stop sabotaging me, but I get stuck in a creative rut. Life without my “chill pills” is emotional and volatile, but my creative juices flow and I can crank out 12 projects in one night.

To anyone out there that is in the same boat, I just want to remind you that just like anything else in life, there are ups and downs. Sometimes I feel like I’m on top of the world and can conquer anything. Others, just getting out of my bed to let the dog out is my daily accomplishment.

We, as human beings, are not programmed to be able to do absolutely everything. It’s ok to ask for help. Thats what a support system is for, and you’ll be surprised who the first people are to jump up and help you clean out your garage, walk your dog, or come and cook with you to help you get back on your feet.

At the end of the day, you need to live your authentic life for you and you alone. At the end of the day, no one on instagram knows, or probably even cares, about your truth so it’s time to take your mental health into your own hands and realize that no one’s life is perfect, and every picture is just one tiny piece of the story that you shouldn’t compare yourself to. We’re all experiencing the same struggles and we need to be there to uplift each other and lend a helping hand.  


(Photo by Tsoku Maela)

As always, someone is here to talk to you if you need. Be strong. You are loved!

SOB: Is actually a video instead of a song this time. Give it a watch

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