How to Deal with People: 101

Everyone goes through some sort of trauma in life. We have physical, mental, and emotional experiences that hurt us and cause pain. During the hard times it is often difficult to know how to help those we love. Is a phone call too much? Not enough? Should we stop by? Do they want space? And so on and so on… The point being, we truly never know how to deal with people who are hurting. I wanted to give my two cents on how I engage in those situations.




The truth is, we all need the same thing. To be loved. During those trying times it’s always been love that has kept me going. However you love, do it. Don’t overthink it. Just love them and be present with them. That doesn’t have to be physically. Just by letting them know you are there if they need you is enough. Consistent love is the greatest gift you can give.


SOB: Birdtalker – Heavy

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